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Our experienced and dedicated correspondent team, with a service network covering main ports along the Chinese coast, is available 24/7 to assist with our clients’ local problems.


Our various local offices are manned by claims handling professionals with navigation, insurance and legal background, who are deeply rooted locally with widespread resources and connections and are always ready to any of our clients’ needs and instructions at any time.


As believers and practitioners of “service, value and integrity”, we always endeavor to return our clients’ trust and support with prompt response, efficient service, concrete value and utmost loyalty.


We can help with the following matters:


²  Ship collision

²  Contact with floating and fixed Objects

²  Personal illness, injury and death

²  Emergent medical assistance and repatriation

²  Cargo damage/shortage disputes

²  Oil pollution incidents

²  Administrative penalty

²  Stowaway investigation and repatriation

²  Survey arrangement

²  Customs investigation

²  Local  legal and administrative regulation advice and assistance

²  Bunker disputes

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